Las Vegas Child Custody Lawyers

Child custody and visitation disputes are some of the most emotional family law matters. Most often, custody disputes are between parents committed to protecting their children's best interests. However, their vision for what is in their children's best interests is often in opposition. These disputes are often laced with emotional, financial and logistical complications.

Untangling Complex Custody Issues in Pursuit of Workable Solutions

At KAINEN LAW GROUP, we understand protecting your relationship with your children is your top priority. Our Las Vegas child custody attorneys are highly effective at untangling the complex issues involved in pursuit of a workable solution. Contact our law firm today to have an experienced lawyer in your corner. We will devote the time and experience necessary to help you obtain a favorable custody and visitation solution.

Focusing on Protecting Children's Best Interests

The laws and procedures governing child custody in Nevada can be confusing. You may be unsure what legal concepts like joint custody, sole custody, physical custody, legal custody, visitation and parenting time mean and how they apply to your specific family circumstances.

The important question is what do you want your relationships with your children to look like going forward? Our attorneys can then help you figure out how to achieve your goals.

Some custody disputes involve allegations of domestic violence, substance abuse and other conduct on the part of one or both parents. If these issues play a role in your case, our child custody lawyers will help you understand your options and advocate to protect your children's best interests.

Experienced Child Custody Modification Attorneys

In addition to helping clients pursue initial child custody arrangements after a divorce or separation, we have extensive experience handling child custody modifications and enforcements. A job loss, relocation and other unique circumstances could affect your custody arrangement. Whether you are looking to modify your current agreement or need help enforcing it, we will provide unwavering support to protect your children's best interests.

Contact Us to Resolve High-Stake Custody Disputes

At KAINEN LAW GROUP, we never shy away from handling complex custody matters. All of our attorneys are exceptionally skilled at handling contested custody matters. When the stakes are high, contact our Las Vegas custody attorneys at 702-823-4900 for an initial consultation.