Las Vegas Child Support Lawyers

Child support payments awarded during a divorce or paternity case can have major consequences for the paying parent, the receiving parent and their children. In Nevada, these determinations are governed by a particularly complex set of child support guidelines.

Guiding Parents Through Nevada's Complex Child Support Process

At KAINEN LAW GROUP, our Las Vegas child support attorneys provide attentive, insightful representation to mothers and fathers in southern Nevada. Our experienced lawyers assist clients with initial child support calculations, child support modification, custody matter and other related issues. We are highly attuned to the issues that can cause unavoidable complications. Contact our legal team for a hands-on approach tailored to meet your needs.

Pursuing Fair and Equitable Child Support Payment Calculations

Traditionally, in Nevada, child support was based solely on the paying parent's income. Recently, however, the courts have reinterpreted the child support guidelines to take into account the receiving parent's income and both parents' custody time.

Our attorneys work closely with our clients to pursue workable child custody and support arrangements. We are committed to helping paying parents hold their payment obligations to levels they can reasonably afford, and helping receiving parents obtain the financial support their children need.

Experience Needed to Handle Child Support Modifications

We also assist clients with child support modification requests. In Nevada, either parent can request a review and modification every three years — sooner if there has been a significant change in either parent's financial situation.

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Whether you need help pursuing a fair child support determination or need assistance pursuing or opposing a modification to child support, call us at 702-823-4900. We deliver unwavering support to protect our clients and their children's best interests.