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Child Relocation vs. Child Abduction

By Kainen Law Group |

Relocating with your children is, in theory, a fairly simple process. However, if you have been through a divorce, it is not so easy. Simply picking up and moving with your children can get you in serious criminal trouble if you have not followed the proper procedures with both your ex-spouse and the court…. Read More »


The Status of Pets During A Nevada Divorce

By Kainen Law Group |

Some people’s pets are an absolutely critical cornerstone of their lives, providing companionship and safety. To others, or to their spouses, a pet is mere property, especially if it is rare or purebred. As such, there can actually be surprisingly fierce dispute over who may take ownership of a couple’s pets, and what asset… Read More »


Could Your Social Media Hurt Your Nevada Divorce?

By Kainen Law Group |

Most people use at least one social media outlet in this day and age, with Facebook being perhaps the most common. However, what many do not often realize is that even if your posts are private, they may still put be issues when it comes to divorce and everything that goes with it. In… Read More »


Trouble in Paradise: Addictions & Your Marriage

By Kainen Law Group |

Las Vegas is, at its heart, a gambling town, though nowadays it is also a world-class venue for food and entertainment. However, because gambling is so easy and so common, it can create problems for families, especially if you or your spouse have addictive personality traits. Gambling addiction or any other addiction can ultimately… Read More »


Military Divorce in Nevada

By Kainen Law Group |

There are multiple different military bases in Nevada, and Las Vegas in particular is home to many service personnel. Like anyone, servicemembers marry and divorce, argue over assets and child custody arrangements, and participate in all the other events that tend to accompany a separation. However, if you or your spouse (or both) are… Read More »


Modifying Nevada Divorce Decrees

By Kainen Law Group |

Even if your divorce goes exactly as planned when you are initially undergoing it, there is no guarantee that modifications might not be necessary later on, as the lives of all involved may change and grow. If you or your spouse needs to make a modification to your Nevada Decree of divorce, it must… Read More »


Ensuring Your Prenup Is Enforceable

By Kainen Law Group |

More and more couples are utilizing Prenuptial Agreements, also called Prenups or Premarital Agreements, to protect their assets and remove control of the division of assets from the Court’s discretion in the event of a divorce. However, mistakes in drafting or execution of the Agreement creates a risk that the agreement will be declared… Read More »


Guardianship For Minors

By Kainen Law Group |

Sometimes, parents encounter situations in which they may have to be separated from their children for an extended period of time. When this happens, one common method of ensuring that the child is protected and cared for is by allowing a third party to establish a guardianship over the minor children. Sometimes this can… Read More »


Understanding Nevada Alimony

By Kainen Law Group |

Alimony, also called spousal support, is part of many divorces, though it is not mandatory. Despite how common it is, alimony is an extremely misunderstood aspect, especially in divorces where children and child support are also involved. If you are obliged to pay alimony to your former spouse, it is a good idea to… Read More »


The Rights of Surrogates In Nevada

By Kainen Law Group |

Sometimes, couples cannot conceive children on their own, for a variety of reasons. When that occurs, some people turn to surrogacy, contracting to have the surrogate (known as “gestational carriers”) carry a child for the intended parents. The law in Nevada is specific and favorable process for both gestational carriers and prospective parents, especially… Read More »

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