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Las Vegas Estate Planning Issues In Divorce

Estate planning is not often foremost in people’s minds when they are in the midst of a divorce. Nevertheless, divorce is a major life event that should trigger a review and possible revision of the estate plan. At the Kainen Law Group, our family and matrimonial law attorneys provide comprehensive advice and representation in your divorce or other family law matter, including making sure that aspects of your estate plan impacted by your divorce are properly adjusted in accordance with your needs and wishes.

All Estate Planning Documents should be Reviewed after Divorce

Divorcing couples needing to divide a large marital estate likely have thorough and complicated estate plans as well, and all estate planning documents should be reviewed after divorce to see if they need to be revised. Heirs and beneficiaries named in wills and trusts may need to be changed, and it may be necessary to revise the way in which classes of heirs and beneficiaries are created or defined. Additionally, there may be a host of other documents and estate planning tools which need to be reviewed, such as insurance policies, pension plans and any other benefits with named beneficiaries. Attorneys from the Kainen Law Group will help ensure that your divorce does not have any unintended consequences on your estate plan and that documents are revised accordingly.

Prenuptial Agreements can Address Inheritance Rights

Another intersection between the fields of estate planning and family law occurs in the area of prenuptial agreements. One of the topics frequently covered in prenuptial or premarital agreements is the protection of inheritance rights. One example is the case where one party to a marriage already has children from a previous marriage and wishes to protect the rights of those children to inherit, despite the fact that the new spouse would typically acquire inheritance rights superior to those of the children. Another instance deals with property division. Normally, a person cannot bequeath more than one-half of the community property, unless a prenuptial agreement or other marital agreement provides otherwise.

There are many different ways the parties may want to address the issue of inheritance, and the legal ramifications of how this is done can be complicated. Attorneys at the Kainen Law Group can advise you on your options and the consequences of different prenuptial provisions on your estate plan, and negotiate and draft your agreement according to your wishes.

Let Kainen Law Group Help You Understand the Ramifications of Divorce & Family Law on Estate Planning

To make sure that the decisions you make in your divorce are compatible with the wishes expressed in your estate plan, contact detailed, thorough and knowledgeable family law attorneys who fully understand the interplay between family law and estate planning in Nevada. Call the family law specialists at the Kainen Law Group in Las Vegas at 702-823-4900.

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