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Appellate law

Appellate law is the judicial oversight of a district court judge’s decisions. An appeal is appropriate when the attorneys or parties in the case believe that the court misapplied the law, or failed to consider important facts regarding the matter. Additionally, appellate law can be used to seek changes of current laws that may need to be addressed as outdated, problematic, or if they are no longer relevant. The appellate court reviews the record from the district court and the legal arguments of appellate counsel to determine if the district court’s order should be upheld or reversed. If the decision is reversed, it is generally sent back to the district court with orders to revise the decision based on the directives of the appellate court.

Appellate cases are highly technical and legally nuanced cases which require experienced analysis to determine the benefits and risks of appealing a lower court decision. Our Las Vegas appellate attorneys will provide you with a realistic analysis and informative assessment about the appeal of a judge’s ruling. To discuss your case with an experienced appellate attorney, call 702-823-4900.

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