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Las Vegas Asset Division Lawyer

The division of community property can easily become one of the most contentious issues in a divorce case, especially when one or both parties have acquired substantial assets or debts.

Protecting Our Clients’ Financial Interests in High-Stake Cases

At Kainen Law Group, in Las Vegas, Nevada, we never shy away from handling complex family law cases. In fact, we thrive on protecting our clients’ best interests when the stakes are high. Our Las Vegas asset division attorneys are highly experienced at negotiating equitable settlements for clients dealing with high-asset divorces. We deliver unwavering support to protect our clients’ financial interests. Contact our Las Vegas asset division lawyers to learn how our hands-on approach could become invaluable to you.

Identifying and Distributing Marital Assets and Debts

The first step in asset division is deciding which assets were acquired during the marriage and are considered community property such as:

  • Family business
  • Family home and vacation homes
  • Antiques and jewelry
  • Real estate investments
  • Pensions, 401(k) plans, stocks and other retirement plans
  • Cars, motorcycles, boats and other recreational vehicles

Community property must be divided equitably during a divorce. This does not necessarily mean a 50-50 split. One party may appear to walk away with more assets but the idea is for both sides to obtain an equal value of the marital estate. Property settlements can range greatly depending on the circumstances involved. Make sure you have an experienced lawyer in your corner from the onset to protect your financial interests.

At Kainen Law Group we consult industry-leading experts, including forensic accountants, when determining the value of assets in a marital estate. We have experience uncovering hidden assets and tracing financial records to understand how your finances were handled during your marriage. If your ex commingled any assets he or she acquired before you got married with your joint finances, you could be entitled to an equitable share of the portion commingled. No type of property division case is too complicated for us to take on. We will protect your financial interests at every turn possible.

Experienced in Handling Complicated Property Division Matters

Due to the current state of the economy, marital debts have become a major concern for many people. Our attorneys have the experience and insight to negotiate property settlements in our clients’ best interests no matter what circumstances our clients are facing.

Call Our Las Vegas Asset Division Lawyers to Protect Your Financial Future

The distribution of your community assets and debts will have a major impact on your financial future. You need lawyers who are prepared to advocate for a fair and equitable outcome. To discuss your case, please call us at 702-823-4900.

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