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Another reason why child support is expensive

It may go without saying that child support is expensive; but it certainly makes sense given that raising children is quite costly. From diapers and formula to clothes and transportation, the little, seemingly inconsequential costs add up, and this is before the child begins kindergarten.

Those who get sticker shock when considering the amount to be paid in monthly child support should understand that it is commonly comprised of three elements: basic support, which is geared toward food and clothing; medical support, which is to help defray the costs of health care; and child care support, which is for day care expenses.

It is the growing cost of daycare that should have parents concerned, regardless of who is paying and who is receiving support. A recent Washington Post report highlighted states where the annual cost of child care was more expensive than college tuition at a public university for one year. According to the report, child care outpaced tuition in 31 states.

Not surprisingly, Nevada was part of that infamous club. Parents may pay $3000 more for day care services than college tuition each year. This may call for some parents to stay at home, so that expensive child care may be avoided. However, a newly divorced parent may not be financially able to do this, because they are not guaranteed the luxury of a second income to rely on.

Nevertheless, there are a number of financial considerations that divorcing parents must think about when planning for divorce. Such foresight is essential to ensuring that your post-marriage life is free from financial drama.

Source: “Start saving now: Day care costs more than college in 31 states,” Christopher Ingraham, April 9, 2014

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