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“If you want a lawyer's lawyer, KLG is the way to go!”

I had the privilege of being represented by Dara as part of the Amicable Divorce Network. As an attorney, I did not want to go through the process of litigation and trial. Both Ed and Dara offered me a streamlined alternative. I was fortunate that my husband and I could work through the process without animosity, but it was still emotional, and Dara was there for me in more ways than one. She was kind and supportive, knowledgeable, clear with my options, forward-thinking, and-- with a background in social work-- she offered wonderful guidance in transitioning our toddler into a new routine with grace. I can't thank Dara and Ed enough. If you want a lawyer's lawyer, KLG is the way to go!

— Ash M.

“Dara Marias is not just a great attorney but a very kind soul.”

Dara Marias is not just a great attorney but a very kind soul. Can’t thank her enough for helping me out in my toughest times. Thanks, Dara for all you did for me. I truly appreciate it!

— R.S.

“Dara is fair, honest”

Dara is fair, honest, thorough, and is about getting to a resolution that’s in the best interest of all parties involved. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is dealing with family law matters. Dara will be focused on a pragmatic solution that will not tear a family apart but will allow them to be able to work together and heal.

— L.S.

“I highly recommend Ed Kainen and Dara Marias”

I have experienced firsthand the legal expertise of both Ed Kainen and Dara Marias from Kainen Law Group. Each of these attorneys has the perfect balance of high skills in the field of family law and an abundance of kindness and compassion for the difficult stage many family law clients find themselves in. I highly recommend Ed Kainen and Dara Marias and the efficiency, perspective, guidance, support, and knowledge that they bring to the table.

— C.S.

“Dara is amazing.”

Dara is amazing. She made the entire process painless and kept our emotions reigned in.

— E.M.

“Simply the BEST family law attorney”

There is an old get what you pay for and I needed the expertise, knowledge and skill set that Mr. Kainen's law firm provided. If you want the BEST family law attorney to get the results you need, and have the money to afford his services, this is the attorney for you.

I hired Mr. Kainen because I needed to get full custody of my daughter to take her with me half way around the world to Hong Kong for a work assignment as an airline pilot. My ex-wife and I both lived in Las Vegas and shared joint custody of our daughter but with Mr. Kainen's help I was able to get full custody and relocate with her. No easy task but it happened and I got the results I deserved. Best money I've ever spent, how much is your child worth?

— Darren H

“Katherine Provost”

Katherine Provost is so fantastic to work with. Custody can be very stressful, but with her experience knowledge and compassion, it gave me a sense of peace and confidence that a true professional is standing alongside me. I have worked with Katherine for over 2 years now and she has always made me feel like a priority. I highly recommend her services to anyone in need.

— Anonymous

“Katherine Provost”

We work with Katherine Provost and Kainen Law Group frequently for contracts and contract reviews for our surrogates. Our surrogates are very important to us and we trust Katherine to be both competent and fair in the representation of them. Having a law firm that makes our surrogates feel important, comfortable and well-represented is a priority for us and we find that Katherine is a good fit for our priorities

— Dawn Baker

“Neil Mullins”

Neil has represented me for the past several years, and has always provided me the best in service, advice and representation. I recommend Neil Mullins and Kainen Law Group to anyone who is in need of an honest trustworthy firm who takes pride in everything they do.

— Coomer

“Great Experience”

I had a great experience with Kainen Law Group. They were all very professional and made the divorce process very easy for me. I couldn’t believe how fast everything went. Neil is very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. Family law can be challenging as you are dealing with people going through a very emotional time. I definitely appreciate someone who’s been doing this for as long as he has and doing it well.

— Rima

“Great Attorney and Team”

Want to express my thanks and gratitude to Neil for his services and help during my entire divorce process. He and his team made me as comfortable and confident as one could possibly be in a situation like this, and I am positive it would have gone very differently without his guidance and care...

— Anonymous

“I would trust Neil to represent me and look out for my family's best interest”

I have had the opportunity to work with Neil twice. 1st time he was not even my attorney. I was using someone else and did not feel she was doing all she could or had the knowledge. A simple case of child support had turned into a 3 ring circus. I had started calling around for a new attorney feeling defeated for my daughter and called Neil. I was not in a position to Neil at the time, but Neil was...

— Mary

“Excellent Attorney”

My husband and I used Neil for the adoption of our Granddaughter. He was very professional and thorough. The adoption went very smoothly and we were very pleased with him and his staff.

— Kim

“Couldn't have asked for a better attorney!”

Neil represented me in my divorce/custody case. I had to find someone in a hurry due to how suddenly my wife left the state with my two children. Neil was the first person I called and I'm glad he was! Neil is honest and either he, or his paralegal Robert always kept me in the loop as to what was going on, and were great about making sure I understood the legal process and how everything...

— Brad

“Neil and my divorce”

Neil worked out my divorce to save me time, money, and aggravation. The issue became a 4 year battle with my ex who was determined to punish me. The process was reduced down by Neil and his team to the basics. Every step of the way he and his team found the easiest was out for my own sanity. Stress was minimized as Neil laid out exactly what the opposition was going to come back...

— Tim

“Complex divorce and child custody mess that was reversed thanks to Neil”

How do I say this, I had one nasty, politically charged, screwed up, irregularities in the record, volatile, divorces and custody cases ever. My case should have never been complex but due to opposing it was made complex. I filed the motion that met the Rooney standard for a change of custody. I hired Neil shortly thereafter. The level of discovery that was done on my behalf was outstanding...

— Anonymous

“Highly recommend”

From personal experience, I highly recommend Neil M. Mullins. His expertise and years of experience in Divorce and Family Law was very beneficial and needed when interpreting the complexity of the current laws. He listens, is professional, honest, thorough and quick to respond with questions or clarification pertaining to my case. The staff and paralegals are also very helpful.

— Julie

“Andrew did an amazing job”

Andrew Kynaston handled my child custody and child support dispute case. Andrew did an amazing job. His professionalism, compassionate deamor and expertise with family law helped immensely. His professional guidance of the case put me at ease throughout the entire process. Not only am I happy with the work he has done so far, the staff was so welcoming and helpful. I am completely satisfied with his work and I would highly recommend you obtain him and his team for any family law issues you have. You will not go wrong in obtaining Mr. Andrew Kynaston. Again, thank you Andrew for everything you have done for me and my family. I am eternally grateful!!

— Anonymous

“Simply The Best!”

Ed was the best. Very knowledgeable and understanding of my interests and ensured I was well advised and protected. Extremely fair and down-to-earth easy to talk with. I have recommended Ed to other friends and have only ever received glowing reviews!

— Craig

“Top quality, efficient, customized representation”

The divorce representation I sought from Mr. Kainen was a bit unconventional due to the unique circumstances of my case, but the efficiency of the representation, availability of Mr. Kainen, and responsiveness of he and his staff made me feel like I was his most important client. The results he achieved in my case exceeded my expectations and I have recommended Mr. Kainen to others multiple times in the few months since my case ended. Mr. Kainen and his firm have my gratitude, respect and most enthusiastic endorsement.

— Anonymous

“The best divorce attorney in Las Vegas. Period.”

Divorce is a terrible thing. I don't wish it on anybody. But if you find yourself faced with divorce, you will not find a better lawyer anywhere in Las Vegas than Ed Kainen. He is aggressive; accurate; he has a great support staff; and he has years of experience that prove vital in the courtroom...

— Anonymous

“Excellent Family Law Attorney”

Ed Kainen continues to do an outstanding job representing and protecting the best interest of my family. Mr. Kainen is straight forward, clear on direction, and extremely knowledgeable. His ability to offer personal attention and quality representation is truly impressive. Throughout my divorce, I was provided honest, compassionate legal guidance that truly made a difference in my life following this unfortunate experience. I continue to recommend Ed Kainen without hesitation.

— Patricia

“Absolutely the best of the best!”

Ed is a true professional. He was a pleasure to work with. He did a fantastic job with my divorce. He was attentive, responsive, and very easy to work with. He answered all my emails and phone calls promptly and worked out a settlement that I was very happy with. He was very fair with the billing and conscientious with keeping the fees as low as possible. Most importantly, he listened to me...

— Chris

“My lifesaving attorney”

When I had to decided to file for a divorce it was a brief meeting with Edward Kainen that changed my life forever. When I met with Mr. Kainen he made me feel comfortable and confident which is why I chose to have him represent me. He has been my attorney for almost 3 years now and I have had a very difficult case. He has never once disappointed me with his advice or in the court room...

— Michelle

“Family First!”

Child custody and relocation is the most stressful situation I've experienced as a parent. Ed's knowledge of family law and advice has been a lifesaver. My family is forever grateful for Ed and his entire staff. The time he took to get to know my situation and personalize care is what makes him a stand out person/attorney. I felt my needs were heard and met. We were represented exactly how we expected in the courtroom. He doesn't play games, he knows our lives, and our children are at stake here. Simply the best.

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