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Child support reform may be needed in Nevada and elsewhere

After parents decide to divorce, there are many issues which must be dealt with, including property division and alimony. However, one of the most difficult areas to navigate is child support payments in Nevada or in any other state. Many legal experts and commentators believe this is due to child support laws that are not structured to provide incentive for parents to pay their court-ordered payments for their children. Even the President mentioned the need to reform child support laws in a recent speech he gave in mid-June.

Although the President did not elaborate on any specific policy suggestions, he did say that the need to reform the law is urgent. Much of the problems stem from the legal child support formulas which seem to offer reverse incentives for making child support payments. Many fathers work hard and make significant sacrifices to provide for their families. However, many critics argue that current laws expect these fathers to make the same sacrifices for a former wife who is now with a new husband or boyfriend, while never or seldom seeing their children.

Many argue that fathers would be willing to contribute even more support payments for their children if they were able to visit their children more often and were more involved in the lives of their kids. However, the current laws seem to be backwards and award mothers with more child support payments the more fathers are prevented to see their children. Therefore, mothers may arguably have a financial incentive to prevent fathers from seeing their kids.

Despite the validity of some of these arguments for reforming child support laws, until reform does actually occur fathers in Nevada and other states will have to continue to deal with the current system. Also, no matter what type of reforms happen, it is important that fathers stay on top of making support payments for their children. However, if payments become too burdensome it is possible for fathers to petition to adjust support payment schedules. Additionally, mothers who are not receiving the child support to which they are entitled have legal alternatives available to them.

Source: Townhall Magazine, “We Should Reform Child Support,” Phyllis Schlafly, June 20, 2013

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