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Protect oneself during a Las Vegas divorce

The process of divorce can be trying on the emotions and the finances. In some cases, the dynamics of a relationship make the divorce process even more difficult. Las Vegas residents who are facing divorce, and feel their spouse may have a controlling personality, may be interested to learn that there are some guidelines for protecting oneself during a divorce.

Jeffrey Landers, author of the book entitled “Divorce: Thing Financially Not Emotionally” says the first step for protecting one’s self is to set aside some cash. Even without the personal income, a divorce can be very expensive. Now is the time to set aside emotional thought, and focus on finances.

Making copies of all financial documents and paperwork can also prove beneficial. Financial dishonesty can be tempting throughout the process of a divorce. Joint credit cards and bank accounts should be closed and divorce cases should be brought into court as quickly as possible. Purportedly, getting a divorce case into the court puts the power in the hands of the judge. This can help deter controlling behavior on the part of a soon-to-be ex-spouse.

A Las Vegas divorce can prove costly. Unfortunately, some of these costs cannot be quantified. No price can be placed on emotional upheaval and distress. The good news is that couples who are facing divorce do not need to navigate the journey alone. Las Vegas is home to a number of qualified legal advocates who will guide clients down the road to divorce as amicably and successfully as possible.

Source:, “Divorcing a Bully, Protecting Your Finances,” Elizabeth MacBride, June 18, 2013

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