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What are the most common concerns about Nevada divorce?

For Nevada couples who are considering divorce, there are a wide range of unknowns that can lead to high levels of stress. One recent study took a close look at the top concerns that people hold about the divorce process, and the results will be of little surprise to anyone who has gone through the stages of divorce. As with an significant life event, most people place the financial ramifications of divorce as their top concern.

Some respondents assert that uncertainty about the legal fees that will come into play is their top concern. Others listed worries about property division, and how their financial standing will sit once that process is complete. While couples with children focus first on matters of child custody, financial concerns came in a close second.

These concerns held true across all levels of income. With the average cost of divorce sitting near $15,000, it is easy to understand why many spouses are worried about their financial stability in the months and years following a divorce. Many couples will find that their legal fees will far surpass this amount, due to the complexity of their marital estate or the degree to which they choose to extend negotiations or litigation.

For Nevada spouses who are considering filing for divorce but who share these concerns, it is imperative to keep the matter in the proper perspective. There is virtually no financial outcome that cannot be mitigated by the proper level of financial or legal planning. Furthermore, some things have value that cannot be measured in monetary terms. Moving past an untenable marriage is often a reward in and of itself, one that cannot be quantified in dollars and cents.

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