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QDROs In Nevada

By Kainen Law Group |

When a couple divorces in Nevada, all community property should be divided equally, as Nevada is a community property state. This does include instruments like retirement accounts and insurance policies, or at least the portion that was paid in during the marriage. However, such accounts cannot simply be divided by handing a lump sum… Read More »


The Status of Pets During A Nevada Divorce

By Kainen Law Group |

Some people’s pets are an absolutely critical cornerstone of their lives, providing companionship and safety. To others, or to their spouses, a pet is mere property, especially if it is rare or purebred. As such, there can actually be surprisingly fierce dispute over who may take ownership of a couple’s pets, and what asset… Read More »

How to divide your artwork during divorce

By Kainen Law Group |

Dividing assets in Nevada is often difficult during divorce, but some pieces of property can be more confusing than others. Artwork that you have created yourself often falls into this category, since there are many different aspects that must be considered. We at Kainen Law Group are here to help you divide all of… Read More »

How are retirement plans divided in a divorce?

By Kainen Law Group |

You may believe that if your marriage has made it past a milestone, it will last for forever. However, an increase in gray divorce proves quite the opposite. The U.S. has seen an increase in the number of people who are filing for divorce after the age of 60-years, for a wide-range of reasons…. Read More »

The difference between separate and marital property

By Kainen Law Group |

Nevada is a community property state, meaning that all of the property and assets that were accumulated by a couple during the marriage are split equally in half in the divorce settlement. At Kainen Law Group, we understand how difficult it can be to divide property that you have become attached to during the… Read More »

The benefits of a QDRO

By Kainen Law Group |

Nevada residents who are getting divorced need to educate themselves about how to protect themselves against unnecessary financial losses. There are some losses that naturally come when assets must be split between two people. But, there are some ways to reduce those losses when the right choices are made. The use of a qualified… Read More »

What do I need to include in property division?

By Kainen Law Group |

If you are going through divorce in Nevada, you are likely wondering what property you will be able to keep after the marriage dissolves and what will go to your spouse. While this process can be long and arduous, knowing what property needs to be divided before you ever set foot in court can… Read More »

Divvying up a business after divorce

By Kainen Law Group |

When couples start a business together, they pour their hearts, souls and bank accounts into making the Nevada startup grow. A divorce can have serious consequences for the business, particularly if spouses cannot come to a workable agreement regarding division of the company. However, there are several options for keeping the business alive after… Read More »

Succeeding financially during and after a divorce

By Kainen Law Group |

Some people may not realize it, but a divorce can severely impact your finances – both immediately and in the future. The financial complexities of property division, particularly with high-value assets, can be overwhelming and intimidating. With solid planning from the outset, you can work toward successfully managing your finances during and after a… Read More »

What impact will divorce have on your estate plan?

By Kainen Law Group |

Nevada is one of nine community property states. That means, if you get divorced in Nevada, the assets acquired over the course of the marriage are regarded as community property to be equally divided, unless ther is clear and convincing proof to the contrary. Likewise, debts acquired during the marriage are presumed community debts…. Read More »

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