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Economic improvement often means a higher divorce rate

For many in Nevada, economic woes have led to a number of difficult lifestyle decisions. Some will stay in a job that they no longer find rewarding, just to maintain a steady paycheck or provide health benefits to their family. Others will make spending cuts within their household budget, and hope for an improved financial outlook. Some will even make the difficult decision to stay within a marriage that is no longer working rather than pursue divorce, simply because financial uncertainties make starting over as a single person seem like an unattainable goal.

For such couples, news of economic improvement may come as a relief. Recent data suggests that the overall economy is on an upward trend. Furthermore, the housing market has continued to improve, leading many to believe that divorce is no longer the financial pitfall that once was feared.

In many cases, selling the family home was a top concern for many unhappy couples, and a primary reason that many have chosen to stick it out rather than file for divorce. However, now that a successful and profitable home sale appears more likely, divorce filings are projected to rise. Couples translate the ability to sell their home into an increase in wealth, and many feel that they can now move forward with a property division process that can leave both parties better prepared to start anew as single people.

Couples who have been delaying a divorce filing and are now considering moving forward should make every effort to gain a solid understanding of Nevada divorce law. It is important that both parties understand the overall divorce process and what to expect. Divorce marks a significant life transition, and should be undertaken with a careful eye toward achieving the best possible outcome for all involved. Fortunately, couples who have been able to wait out an unfavorable economic setting to file for divorce are already aware of the financial implications, and may be better prepared to complete the divorce in a fast and low-conflict manner.

Source: Los Angeles Times, Divorces increase as improving economy makes split-ups affordable, Stuart Pfeifer, Sept. 18, 2013

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