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Tag Archives: divorce rate

Living together before marriage now less predictive of divorce

By Kainen Law Group |

Once upon a time, conventional wisdom said that couples that lived together before getting married were also more likely to get a divorce. But times are different now, right? Apparently yes, at least according to the results of a new government-sponsored marriage survey taken by more than 22,000 men and women in Las Vegas,… Read More »

The divorce rate is on the decline

By Kainen Law Group |

According to data from the United States Census Bureau, divorce has been on the decline in Las Vegas and throughout the country over the last 15 years. In fact, the divorce rate has fallen about five percentage points since 1996 across all age groups, census data indicates. Some demographics have seen a greater decline… Read More »

In a difficult economy, divorce may not be an option

By Kainen Law Group |

During the Great Depression of the 1930s, many American families found themselves under incredible pressure as they struggled to make ends meet, and as a result, marriages began to fracture. Surprisingly, the divorce rate did not increase. Just the opposite happened, actually: the divorce rate dropped. And during what many economists have labeled the… Read More »

Number of married Americans hits record low (1)

By Kainen Law Group |

According to a new report from the Pew Research Center, the number of married people in the U.S. has reached an all-time low, and just over half of American adults are currently married. At the same time, the median age of first marriage is the highest it has ever been for both men and… Read More »

Nevada ranks first on list of most divorced states

By Kainen Law Group |

Following a 2010 study, Nevada has been ranked as the nation’s “most divorced state,” with approximately 6.6 divorces per 1,000 people in the state. Certainly, there are a variety of possible reasons for Nevada’s disproportionately high divorce rate. In a CNBC analysis, the temptations of Reno and Las Vegas are blamed for the rank…. Read More »

Malta citizens vote to legalize divorce

By Kainen Law Group |

As our country wrestles with same-sex marriage and related issues, it seems antiquated and almost unbelievable that there are other nations still grappling with the concept of divorce. However, that is the case with Malta, a small European nation that voted just this week to legalize divorce in the country. In Nevada and throughout… Read More »

Disease and divorce

By Kainen Law Group |

When couples stand at the altar and proclaim that they will support each other in sickness and in health, most anticipate fulfilling that promise in their twilight years, after they have lived a long and happy life together. Few couples foresee their “in sickness” pledge coming due in the beginning, or even the middle,… Read More »

Does gay marriage legalization lower the divorce rate?

By Kainen Law Group |

With the recent legalization of same-sex marriage in New York, it is becoming increasingly likely that other states may soon follow its lead. We realize that gay marriage is the subject of heated debate in Nevada and throughout the country, with valid arguments on both sides of the dispute. Recently, pro-gay-marriage advocates are citing… Read More »

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