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Category Archives: Prenuptial Agreements


Ensuring Your Prenup Is Enforceable

By Kainen Law Group |

More and more couples are utilizing Prenuptial Agreements, also called Prenups or Premarital Agreements, to protect their assets and remove control of the division of assets from the Court’s discretion in the event of a divorce. However, mistakes in drafting or execution of the Agreement creates a risk that the agreement will be declared… Read More »

Do accounts in my name need to be included in a prenup?

By Kainen Law Group |

When many people get married in Nevada, they mistakenly assume that existing accounts that remain solely under their name are their exclusive property and will stay under their control in the event of a divorce. This may sound logical, but you might find that the truth can often be far different. details the… Read More »

Lifestyle clauses in prenuptial agreements

By Kainen Law Group |

As the acceptance of prenuptial agreements has grown among Nevada residents in recent years, so too has the realm of the types of protections these contracts may provide. Gone are the days when prenups are thought of as only for the very wealthy or for those with celebrity status of some sort. Equally gone… Read More »

What needs to be in your prenup?

By Kainen Law Group |

Before you tie the knot in Nevada, you and your significant other may wish to create a prenuptial agreement to protect your personal assets. Here are a few ideas about what you should include in this agreement. You probably are not going into the marriage with the aim of getting divorced, but in an… Read More »

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