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Tag Archives: infidelity

Dishonest dating site information may backfire in divorce cases

By Kainen Law Group |

Las Vegas residents have likely heard the saying “what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas” far too many times, yet the same could be said about the Internet. Oftentimes, what happens on the Internet truly stays on the Internet, and that information could eventually be used as evidence in a divorce case…. Read More »

Is there such thing as an ‘Oscar Love Curse?’

By Kainen Law Group |

If you have watched the Academy Awards in recent years, you probably remember the acceptance speeches of Best Actress winners Sandra Bullock, Kate Winslet and Hilary Swank, during which they tearfully thanked their husbands for their love and support. And you probably also remember when, just a few months after winning their Oscar, the… Read More »

Infidelity motivates 99-year-old man to file for divorce

By Kainen Law Group |

What would you do if you found out that your spouse had cheated on you? Would there be certain variables within the infidelity that would help you make the decision on whether to stay with your spouse or end your marriage? For many Las Vegas couples, the length of time that has elapsed since… Read More »

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