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Why Try Legal Separation?

By Kainen Law Group |

Most people, when they decide they and their spouse are no longer compatible, simply want to make a clean break, going through a divorce and moving on. However, some couples remain on the proverbial fence. If you and your spouse are in this situation, you may wish to try what some Nevada couples do… Read More »

When living apart from your spouse, legal separation protects you

By Kainen Law Group |

You think your marriage isn’t working out, but you don’t want to rush right out and get a divorce. You want a trial period first, where you split up and live on your own. You think you might fix the marriage in time and don’t want to be too hasty about breaking it off… Read More »

Legal separation in Nevada

By Kainen Law Group |

Legal separation is a way for couples to take a time-out from their marriage rather than moving forward with divorce. In some cases, separation is a way to prepare for and resolve the majority of the decisions that will be involved in a divorce. In other cases, it’s a way for couples to end… Read More »

Preventing many financial problems during legal separation

By Kainen Law Group |

Most states allow married couples who just aren’t ready for divorce to file for a legal separation. The reasons for wanting this separation can be numerous, such as because of health care coverage, religious readings, Social Security benefits or family benefits among other things. Legal separations, however, can have a dramatic effect on your… Read More »

What are the different kinds of legal separation?

By Kainen Law Group |

Rather than going into divorce proceedings, many Las Vegas parents decide to enter into a legal separation. For some spouses, a legal separation could come with some specific advantages, particularly for spouses with complex financial situations that could take time to organize leading up to a divorce. This article will discuss three primary types… Read More »

Legal separation as an alternative to divorce

By Kainen Law Group |

Through legal separation, Nevada couples can dissolve different parts of their marriage agreement without actually finalizing their divorce. Legal separation is an excellent way for married couples to take a long-term break from their marriage — especially in cases where either one or the other spouse is not quite certain about beginning divorce proceedings…. Read More »

The financial risk of a long trial separation

By Kainen Law Group |

Some couples who are thinking of getting divorced like to have a trial separation first, giving them a chance to live apart without doing anything to make it legally official. This gives them a better sense of what it’s like so they can make a more informed decision. This can be helpful, but it’s… Read More »

Navigating divorce proceedings in Las Vegas

By Kainen Law Group |

No one has ever said that divorce is easy. Indeed, it can be a complicated, emotional and difficult process to dissolve your marriage, but that does not mean that it has to be the worst experience of your entire life. At the Kainen Law Group, we take great strides to make the divorce process… Read More »

How can a legal separation help married couples?

By Kainen Law Group |

Many married couples who fall upon a difficult time start to question their marriage. If they decide that they don’t want to be with this person anymore, sometimes it is best to fully think through that potential life change before actually acting upon it. This is where legal separation can come in and help… Read More »

What divorce is and is not

By Kainen Law Group |

A quick search of the Internet will provide you with just about anything you want to know about divorce. Some of the information might not apply to you; some might. No matter what you have come to think about your own divorce, you really should try to learn as much as possible about the… Read More »

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