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3 tips for social media users going through divorce

Social media is a trap when you are going through a divorce. In fact, even before you file for divorce, the content of your social media accounts has the potential to play a huge role in your divorce. Anything and everything could be used against you in family court if your husband or wife chooses to go that route. And there is a treasure trove of potential information on any social media account.

With that in mind, just a few simple tips and rules when it comes to social media and divorce.

The first tip is to realize that the content on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts can really hurt you. Photos can show that you spent a lot of money, contradicting what your responsibilities after a divorce or hurting your case during a divorce. Your posts can establish a timeline as to what you have done and where you have been. And the comments you post could be used against you.

Another lesson is to remember just how addicting and enticing social media can be. It may be tempting to go online during a divorce and make posts about your soon-to-be-ex, but rarely do these posts help a person’s divorce case. It is best to stay off of social media when you are going through a divorce.

Third and finally, you should remember that once something is on social media, it is there for good. Even if it is deleted, there are ways to rediscover these pieces of evidence. So you probably shouldn’t scrub your whole account in an attempt to hide a bad post or an incriminating photo.

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