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Advice for men going through divorce

Some men tend to shy away from advice during divorce. After all, men are stereotyped into not having feelings, being absent fathers and greedy people who don’t want to give up anything. However, most stereotypes can be debunked, and those involving divorcing men are no different. The reality is that men deal with emotional pain just like women do, and it is prudent for them to seek (and take) advice when getting divorced. This post will identify some helpful tips for men who are going through the process.

Don’t spend money on a bad marriage – There are many people in unhappy marriages who put so much time and resources into them because they have been in the relationship for so long. While this is natural, it is probably better to look at a poor marriage as a sunk cost (i.e. an investment that has already been paid for but the value will not be recovered).

Don’t beat yourself up – Hindsight is not always 20/20 vision. In essence, you may not be able to look over all the things that have gone on in your marriage, or in your life, that you could change to make the marriage work. Because of this, it makes no sense to beat yourself up about your current situation or the things that have led to this point.

Rekindle neglected friendships – It is natural to drift away from friends while in a marriage. Now that your circumstances are changing, it is helpful to reach out to people who you haven’t spoken to in a while. After all, you’ll need a support system while going through a divorce.

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