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Advice For Modifying Your Child Support

The amount of child support you’re currently paying or receiving was either decided by a family law court, or you and your ex agreed to the amount in an out-of-court settlement. Regardless of how you arrived at this figure, it’s important to remember that it’s not set in stone.

The paying spouse’s life circumstances might change and that could result in a child support modification granted by the court. For example, perhaps the paying parent’s experiences a dramatic increase or decrease in income. A court will see that as good reason to change the amount of child support paid to reflect that parent’s current economic state better.

If you feel that a change in child support payment is warranted, here are a few pieces of advice:

  • Be quick: For spouses who are unable to meet their child support obligations, it’s vital to act quickly and apply for a modification. Getting behind on child support payments can get you in serious trouble with the law in the state of Nevada. Take steps to secure a modification as soon as you experience a change in your financial circumstances.

  • Negotiate with the other parent: If you’re on good speaking terms with the other parent, this parent may understand your current need. Coming to an out-of-court agreement will save time and money because it will bypass the need for litigation. As such, parents may be open to negotiation and/or mediation to reach a new agreement.

  • Pay as much as you can: Rather than stopping payment entirely, at least pay what you can. This will show the court that are doing your best to meet your child support obligations in good faith.

  • Make a record of your child’s expenses and needs: For custodial parents who need more money, it’s important to make note of all their child’s expenses.

It’s important to remember that changing life circumstance could result in a dramatic increase in income or a decrease in income. As such, child support modifications could go either way. Also, perhaps your child’s expenses increase due to education, illness or extra-curricular activities. This could also warrant a modification. Ultimately, if you believe your child deserves more money — or if you are experiencing difficult financial circumstances — you may want to speak with a Nevada child support lawyer to help you navigate your child support modification quickly and effectively.

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