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After divorce, man uses dog and artistic spirit to recover

Even though divorce inherently has a negative tone and can bring people down quite easily, the following divorce story has an uplifting message — and it also includes an important divorce topic.

This story is about a man named Rafael Mantesso, whose wife divorced him on his 30th birthday. In the divorce, he lost everything — well, nearly everything. He still had his bull terrier puppy. He was living in an empty apartment, and was looking for something to lift him up. His puppy, and Rafael’s artistic skills, enabled him to find that “something.”

Rafael started drawing pictures around his dog to make whimsical pictures that he displayed online. For example, one drawing of his puppy makes it look like the dog is actually showering. Another one makes it look like the puppy is in a “Peanuts” cartoon. A number of Rafael’s pictures are on display in our source article. Rafael was eventually able to turn his collection of pictures into some artistic work, as he was commissioned to create a series of illustrations.

There are two important lessons here: the first is that divorce doesn’t have to keep you down, if it brings you down at all. If you are prepared and confident, you can get through a divorce and be happy in your post-divorce life.

The other factor here is pets. Pet custody is a tricky topic, but it’s also something that you can adequately address. It isn’t an impossible task. Both you and your spouse can find a way to reach an acceptable pet custody agreement that spares all of you from the potential of a judge making that decision for you.

Source: Huffington Post, “Man’s Divorce Leaves Him With Nothing But The Dog, Inspires Something Beautiful,” Natasha Hinde, April 15, 2016

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