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Contentious Moore divorce set to be finalized

Nevada residents may be interested to learn that filmmaker Michael Moore and his wife, Kathy Glynn, are about to finalize their divotce. The couple has been married for 22 years, but they dated for nine years before tying the knot. They have no children together. Glynn has a daughter from a previous relationship. Early in Moore’s career, Glynn worked as a producer on his films, however, she stopped in 2004. Moore claims that she moved out of their apartment the same year, but court documents also put the split at 2010 and 2013.

The separation date is only one of many issues on which the couple cannot reach agreement. There are more than 700 pages of trial exhibits. Moore alleges that Glynn read his personal communications and even hired a private investigator to check up on him. Another point of contention is the couple’s large marital estate, a Michigan lakefront home purchased in 1995. When the couple later remodeled the home, Moore complained that his wife wasted marital funds and the expansion cost five times more than originally anticipated.

Court documents reveal that neither spouse has significant income. Since 2006, Glynn’s focus has been on quilting rather than film production. Moore last wrote a book in 2011, and the pair reportedly have been living on income derived from earlier projects. Moore is best known for documentaries such as “Bowling for Columbine” and “Fahrenheit 9/11.” The total value of the marital state was not disclosed.

One way that lawyers are often able to assist during a divorce is to act as a mouthpiece for the client. Directing all of the other spouse’s communications to a lawyer may help reduce bickering between the parties, which can sometimes also help reduce overall stress and help the divorce flow more smoothly.

Source: The Detroit News, “Divorce case exposes bickering between Michael Moore, wife”, Francis Donnelly, July 22, 2014

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