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Do you need a valuation expert during your divorce?

When a couple has millions of dollars in assets, property and investments, a divorce can be quite complex. Simply trying to determine what everything is worth can be difficult. One way to minimize mistakes is to hire a valuation expert. This is an objective third-party who will determine the values of the couple’s assets and holding.

In most cases, a valuation expert is affiliated with an accounting firm. In some cases, such as when there is stock or equity held in a family business, a divorce financial expert who regularly handles high-value, complex portfolios can be a huge help for attorneys and their clients.

Another area where a financial professional can help is determining the value of life insurance. Someone who is knowledgeable about trusts and insurance may be needed to determine the current values and define the best way for the policies to be divided.

The cost of maintaining a lifestyle can be a very crucial component of divorce. Using a forensic account can help couples understand where and how money was spent during the marriage and provide a fair estimate on what is needed after divorce to maintain the same lifestyle.

Financial advisors and other professionals can play an influential role in high-asset divorces. Their services can mean the difference between a fair division of assets and not getting what you deserve.

At the Kainen Law Group, we are experienced in handling high-asset divorces. We understand not only the need to protect your rights and interests, but to ensure that your financial future is as solid as possible. To learn more about high-asset divorce and how we can help, please take a look through our website.

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