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Financial stability can impact Nevada divorce rates

Divorce has become a common aspect in the lives of many Americans. Those in Nevada are no exception to this process that can divide families and bring new beginnings. Deciding to get a divorce is a major choice that can affect an entire family. The reasons for seeking a divorce can vary from person to person and new studies show that the economy could play a contributing role.

Growing apart and personal differences are typical reasons people have for divorcing. Recent studies show that when the economy declines, divorce rates tend to decline as well. When the economy was racked by a recession in 2007, filings for divorce were also reduced. The reason behind this decrease is thought to have been the costliness of going through a divorce. Rather than creating stronger couples, the faltering economy appears to have made divorce too expensive of an option for many spouses to pursue.

As the economy recovers from this downturn, the number of divorces is expected to climb once again. This trend is identical to the situation that occurred during the 1930s, when divorces increased after the Great Depression. With a stable and somewhat prosperous economy, couples can now afford to separate.

This link between the economy and number of divorces may surprise some individuals. Going through a divorce can create both emotional and financial stress for spouses. The financial expense of separating from one’s partner is a critical factor that has to be taken into consideration. Before a Nevada resident decides upon getting a divorce, he or she could strongly benefit from having an understanding of all the potential costs that could be involved.

Source: The Huffington Post, New Study Says Divorce Rates Will Increase As Economy Recovers, Taryn Hillin, Jan. 28, 2014

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