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How common is domestic violence in Nevada?

Domestic violence is a problem throughout our country. The true reach of the problem may not be fully understood, though, as many victims do not report abuse. Below are some domestic violence statistics for the state of Nevada for 2015.

— There were 41,413 reported victims of domestic violence. While females accounted for most of the victims, 2,861 men also reported domestic violence.

— Women ages 30 to 44 made up the biggest percentage of domestic violence victims after victims of an unknown age.

— Clark County, Nevada, had 29,253 reports of domestic violence in 2015.

— The primary source of referrals received came from the victim or a victim’s friend.

— Children ages 6 to 12 accounted for the largest percentage of child victims.

— Referrals for food, transportation, employment training and other social services were given 136,620, with several victims receiving multiple referrals.

These statistics were reported by the Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence. This organization provides education, advocacy and support of the organizations who help victims of domestic violence.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, it is important for you to get away from a volatile situation. After reporting the incident to law enforcement, an attorney can help you through the legal arena. He or she can advise you on how to seek an order of protection against the alleged perpetrator, can provide advice and guidance on a divorce and provide information on resources available to help you.

There are many instances in which a domestic violence victim would like to leave; however, he or she is concerned that something worse would occur. There are resources available to help victims and your attorney can help you understand more.

Source: Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence, “Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence Statewide Statistics JAN – DEC 2015,” accessed Aug. 23, 2016

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