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How do I get a temporary protective order in Las Vegas?

A temporary protective order is generally issued in domestic violence cases where an abuser is actively stalking, harming or threatening the life of the victim. The TPO serves as a means of protection against the abuser. To receive a TPO in Las Vegas against someone currently or previously in a domestic relationship, the petitioner must go to the Family Violence Intervention office and fill out the necessary forms. Documents may be faxed or delivered to the office in person.

For out-of-state protection orders, it may take slightly longer to process the person’s petition. Both in-state and out-of-state protection orders require a name and address of the abusive individual. A physical description or picture may be helpful in this process. Once the order has been granted, it will be forwarded to the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, and after the TPO is processed, police officers will serve the order to the abuser.

A TPO may also be granted if the abuser has been arrested for domestic violence. However, it should be understood that an order of protection does not mean around-the-clock surveillance by police officers. However, in the event of domestic violence, stalking or otherwise violent behavior, a person who has successfully received the TPO is able to alert authorities whenever the terms of the order are violated, offering the petitioner additional power and authority.

During divorce proceedings involving an abusive partner, the potential for abuse may go up. However, a TPO might provide an added layer of security for the victim. Those who are seeking such orders might discuss the issue with a family law attorney who is familiar with the petitioning process. That attorney may also provide representation throughout the divorce proceedings.

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