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Las Vegas among the top for marriages, divorces

While Las Vegas may be known to more readers as the marriage capital of the country, the truth is that it ranks among the top cities for divorces as well. The stereotype for a Las Vegas marriage is a last-minute, impulse decision that people make in the midst of the excitement of a vacation, which would also mean that many of the couples married here do not actually live in Las Vegas. However, there are a variety of factors that influence where a couple files for divorce, and the location of the marriage itself may be a deciding factor if the each spouse lives in a different state.

Another reason why couples may choose to get divorced in Las Vegas is that the county court system has one of the quickest processes in the country, allowing people to finalize a divorce much faster than they could in other parts of the state or country. The fast processing time can often compensate for otherwise high legal fees by shortening the overall duration of the case.

Recent rankings also indicate that Las Vegas is among the top ten cities as far as the hourly cost of a divorce attorney, ranking among many other major metropolitan areas. Cost is certainly an important factor to many Nevada residents seeking to end their marriage through a divorce or a legal separation, but it is equally important to have the advice and assistance of an experienced family law attorney, since mistakes in the divorce process could wind up being much more costly than basic legal fees.

Source: Daily Mail, “The cost of saying ‘I don’t’: Los Angeles is most expensive city for divorces with fees running up to $150,000,” Sadie Whitelocks, Feb. 20, 2013.

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