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Nevada divorce: Ending a violent relationship

There are many people in Nevada who are unable to understand the dynamics of a relationship that has turned violent. It seems so easy from the outside how to get out of the situation. Unfortunately, the dynamic looks a lot different from the inside and ending a violent relationship and getting a divorce seems like nothing more than a dream.

What many people fail to understand is that domestic violence is often about the control and power that one person exerts over the other. In order for that to happen, the abusive party will often systematically destroy the self-esteem and self-worth of the person they claim to love so that staying in the relationship is more appealing to the victim than leaving. In each case the methods and motivation may be different, but the outcome is the same.

Most people in Nevada would say they feel they have the freedom to walk away from a relationship without fearing for their lives. People in abusive relationships don’t necessarily have that option. Walking out on an abuser can be tantamount to playing Russian roulette for the victim. However, there are many victims of abuse who are willing to take that chance.

Before walking out of a violent relationship, the victim will first need to find a safe place to go where the abuser can’t reach her or him. Many judges will issue restraining orders at the beginning of a divorce case if necessary, but that may not be enough. For that reason, it is essential that the victim and the victim’s children, if any, make sure they are in a safe place before moving forward.

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