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Nevada domestic violence statistics highlight serious problem

Domestic violence happens throughout the nation, and although police do a lot to try to stop it, the reality of domestic violence still persists. In fact, issues relating to domestic violence are the focus of many divorce proceedings in our state. In these cases, it is often the victim who decides to stand up for his or her right to live free of physical violence and abuse and files for divorce.

It can take a great deal of courage for the victims of domestic violence to take the steps necessary to protect themselves and their family members from further abuse. In fact, many are told that they will be subjected to further violence — and even had their lives threatened — if they choose to pursue divorce.

These threats of violence should never be taken lightly. Indeed, in the state of Nevada, statistics released earlier this year are particularly troubling. According to Everytown Research, women in our state have a 65 percent higher chance of being fatally shot by their intimate partners than the national average.

Other statistics are just troubling. According to the Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence, in 2015, 43 deaths were caused by domestic violence in our state.

By speaking with a divorce lawyer who is experienced with helping those who are experiencing emotional abuse, spousal abuse, physical abuse and other forms of domestic violence, spouses can pursue their divorce in the safest way possible. Often, police will be involved — as well as protective and restraining orders — to help ensure the safety of the victim as well as his or her children.

Source:, “Staggering statistics of domestic violence in Nevada,” Stephanie Zepelin, accessed Nov. 28, 2016

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