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Planning ahead while also taking care of business today

Apple co-founder and high-tech icon Steve Jobs had a flair for the dramatic. When introducing revolutionary technological jewels, he liked to pause near the end of his presentations and say, “One more thing…” It was a fun way for the late innovator to add one more dazzling feature the latest world-changing device could perform.

There are several things that people need to put on their check list to change or add that are not necssarily part of their divorce cases. They include changing beneficiaries in wills, trusts and pension and retirement plans, and changing titles on property or vehicles. There is always “one more thing” for people going through the parallel legal and emotional processes to remember to do. The Wall Street Journal recently discussed a “one more thing” to do after divorce: change your estate plan.

This can be especially crucial for people who have gone through, or are currently dealing with a high-asset divorce fraught with property division disputes. Many couples met together with an attorney to create estate plans together. Now they need to seek out separate planners who can help them create plans that suit their new circumstances, whether it involves a change in your family situation, a shift in your business interests or both.

The Journal urges readers to tear up the old estate documents and forge new ones. Here in Clark County, that typically means sitting down with a Las Vegas family law attorney who understands not only the parameters of your family business issues, but also your estate planning needs.

Please take a look at our Las Vegas Marital Property Division page to see how the Kainen Law Group can help you to protect your assets today in divorce as well as in your estate planning for the future.

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