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Questions to ask before the divorce: Part 2

Regular readers of our Las Vegas family law blog will undoubtedly recall our recent post in which we looked at questions experts say people should ask themselves before committing to divorce. Sometimes the end of a marriage can feel imminent, but after careful examination of emotions and facts, people realize that they are not prepared to undertake the divorce process.

In other situations, a person will look inward at their feelings and outward at important issues such as property division and realize that regardless of anticipated disputes, they are ready to notify their spouse that a divorce makes the most sense.

You might recall that a professor encouraged people to ask themselves why their first fell in love with their spouse. He also recommended asking yourself: why are we not in marriage counseling?

A family law attorney quoted in the article had a couple of questions for you to ponder as well, including this one: “Am I prepared to keep my emotions out of the divorce process?” It’s a question worth considering.

Many people might be ready to end their relationship, but they’re not able to enter the legal process with their emotions under control. That can lead them to make poor decisions that they might well later regret.

In divorces involving significant financial assets, an angry person might prefer to see the other party receive valuable property such as the marital home for emotional reasons rather than reasons that make long-term financial sense.

You can discuss large-asset issues with a Clark County lawyer who will guide you through a difficult legal process fraught with emotions. An experienced attorney knows how to protect your rights and interests, as well as how to negotiate and litigate for favorable property division agreements.

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