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Rapid-fire divorce celebrations

When a divorce becomes final, many people find it cathartic to celebrate the occasion with friends and family. After a divorce, some people throw a party where laughs and well wishes for the future are in order, while others trace a line of bullets across their marriage certificate, turning the once-cherished document into confetti.

Sound strange? It’s is nevertheless true, reports ABC News. A Las Vegas shooting range called Machine Guns Vegas is offering divorce celebration packages that enable participants to mow down marriage certificates, wedding gowns, tuxedos or anything else from your marriage that might be fun to riddle with bullets. (Obviously, your ex is not included among those items.)

The “Just Divorced” package gives customers the chance to unload 40 rounds from a mounted, belt-fed machine gun into their marriage memorabilia. They can also invite up to four guests, who will each get the chance to blast away with an M4 carbine.

ABC says the Las Vegas Strip company said it is now accepting reservations for Valentine’s Day.

If firing weapons isn’t your style, the BBC late last year reported on a Las Vegas woman who launched The Divorce Party Planner business a few years ago. For a fee, she will arrange skydiving, dinners, strip club parties, golfing outings and so on – all in celebration of becoming uncoupled.

The parties, guns, cakes, etc. serve a purpose greater than a good time, say experts. A divorce celebration can give those who have gone through a difficult time an event that marks the beginning of a new life; one with supportive friends at their side.

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