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Report details 25 cities where divorce has increased since 1970

A report was recently released regarding the 25 cities in the United States where divorce has been on the rise since 1970. Many populated areas grace the list, as well as a few cities you wouldn’t expect. What’s maybe the most interesting part of this report, though, is that even though Nevada had the highest amount of its population reporting as “divorced” (13.5 percent), we still didn’t have a city that made the top 25 list for greatest divorce increase from 1970 to 2010.

We aren’t necessarily questioning the results, or even arguing that we should have a city on the list. Instead, this is a good chance for us to remind you that statistics relating to divorce can often feel empty, as if the whole picture, though represented, is still a little lost.

For example, with this data we see that divorce has been on the rise since 1970. But that doesn’t mean that every couple will choose to get a divorce. It also doesn’t inherently mean that getting a divorce is a bad thing. Maybe a couple gets divorced and both spouses go on to meet the true loves of their lives. In this context, the divorce was a very, very good thing.

In fact, in many cases, splitting spouses are happy that they got a divorce. If it isn’t meant to be, then there’s no reason to keep a marriage going just because there is a stigma attached to divorce. Sometimes a change is necessary, and for many unhappy married couples, a divorce is just the change they needed.

Source: WKBW, “25 cities where divorce is on the rise,” Tessa Boyce, Dec. 28, 2015

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