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Tag Archives: parental rights


Can I Terminate My Ex’s Parental Rights?

By Kainen Law Group |

Some parents in Nevada have experienced neglect and abandonment by their co-parent or spouse, leaving them with what can feel like the enormous burden of caring for their children alone. If that parent believes the other parent is a dangerous influence, or if they meet someone new, the question of terminating that parent’s parental… Read More »


Losing Parental Rights

By Kainen Law Group |

Just because someone fathers or gives birth to a child does not always mean that person is a fit parent for that child. In cases where abuse and neglect occurs, one parent may bring a motion to terminate the other parent’s parental rights (or a state agency may do so). Bringing a motion does… Read More »

After 22 months, father and daughter reunited

By Kainen Law Group |

In what may be considered the greatest test of will and mental fortitude one Army Sergeant has ever had to face, he has finally received custody of his daughter after 22 months. In what can only be described as circumstances out of a movie script, the father and daughter will finally be reunited following… Read More »

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