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A custody primer for Las Vegas parents, part two

By Kainen Law Group |

Earlier this week, we began a brief overview of the different subcategories within child custody and the terminology that describes each. In our last Las Vegas family law blog post, we discussed physical custody, which dictates where a child will live after his or her parents separate or divorce. Many parents think that physical… Read More »

A custody primer for Las Vegas parents, part one

By Kainen Law Group |

If you have recently started the legal divorce process, you may be confused by the new legal terminology that you must now master – or at least understand. This is perhaps the most common among Las Vegas parents who are working to reach a child custody agreement. Learning and remembering the difference between physical… Read More »

What if your ex refuses to grant parenting time?

By Kainen Law Group |

There are many Las Vegas divorce cases in which one or both spouses fails to comply with some provision of the divorce order. Often, these failures are relatively minor and inconsequential, such as the refusal to hand over a personal belonging or a single, accidental missed payment. But what happens if one spouse willingly… Read More »

In child custody, technology can both help and hurt

By Kainen Law Group |

Las Vegas parents who are separated or divorced know that it can be very difficult to effectively communicate with your child’s other parent. Not only must you overcome the traditional barriers of misunderstanding and miscommunication, but you are also often in a situation rife with anger, resentment, guilt, frustration and sadness. These emotions can… Read More »

After divorce, how can parents move around and out of Nevada?

By Kainen Law Group |

If you are newly divorced, you are probably becoming aware of the new financial constraints that you are now living within. Not only was the divorce itself costly, but you are also now living on one income instead of two, potentially making your previous lifestyle completely unaffordable. This might mean, for example, that you… Read More »

Courts issue differing opinions in complicated paternity case

By Kainen Law Group |

What if, when you were a teenager, your parents came to you and told you that the man who you had thought was your father for your whole life was actually not biologically related to you? And that your actual father was someone with whom your mother had had a years-long affair around the… Read More »

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