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The Benefits of Legal Separation

Some Nevada couples may want to receive some of the benefits of divorce while retaining other benefits of marriage. For these couples, legal separation may be the answer. With legal separation, spouses can remain married while living away from one another and establishing legal agreements concerning property division, child custody and other matters.

The legal separation agreement will not be that different from a divorce agreement. It will detail some of the most important areas that need to be decided in a divorce so that if the spouses decide to finalize their divorce, it will be more of a formality than in-depth process.

The biggest advantage of legal separation is the fact that couples will still be married and therefore eligible to receive different marital benefits that they couldn’t receive separately. Those marital benefits might be the ability of one spouse to stay on the other spouse’s health insurance plan. Social security benefits and different benefits for military may also be received by separated couples. Furthermore, if the couple files their taxes jointly, they will benefit from different tax savings.

Religious reasons can also be a factor when it comes to a separation. Certain religions do not permit divorce, and legal separation may be the only avenue available to spouses who wish to live apart from one another.

Las Vegas spouses who are considering the benefits of legal separation may want to discuss their situations with an experienced family law attorney. At the Kainen Law Group, our family law attorneys discuss the pros and cons of legal separation with clients in order to help them decide what’s right for them.

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