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The prenup primer, Part 4

Over the last week, we have talked about prenuptial agreements and the many aspects involved in them — as well as the factors the spouses need to consider before signing one. Today, we conclude this four-part series by asking a simple question: is a prenuptial agreement right for you and your spouse?

Of course, the answer all depends on how that soon-to-be-married couple feels about a prenuptial agreement. However, allow us to make the case for getting a prenup. This contract provides such incredibly important protections that, in today’s day and age, going without those protections could certainly hurt you down the line.

You don’t even necessarily need to be a couple that has a ton of wealth. That’s what is so great about prenuptial agreements. They can work with any couple, regardless of how many, or how few, assets they possess. They can protect things like businesses and property. They can protect you from your spouse’s debt. They can help make arrangements for children from a different relationship.

There are so many applications for the prenuptial agreement that it behooves many couples to get this vital contract. Without it, you are left to the mercy of state laws that govern how property, assets and debts are divided in a divorce.

If you are considering a prenuptial agreement, make sure you do so with legal counsel on your side. It is imperative to the process, and it will also give you a needed adviser during this very important stage in your life.

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