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The worst times to call your marriage quits

While June through October is typically dubbed wedding season, January through March is commonly seen as divorce season. Indeed, couples may see the warm weather as a benefit (except in Nevada). And divorces follow in line with many New Year’s resolutions. However, just like there are inopportune times to get married, there are times where it may not fit a person’s best interests to call a marriage quits.

This post will highlight some of these times and explain why it may be better to hold off on serving divorce papers.

Before someone else’s wedding – If you are part of someone’s wedding party, or are putting on a wedding for your adult child, filing for divorce just before someone else’s wedding is a no-no. Not only is a tacky way to steal someone else’s thunder, it brings the specter of divorce to a place where it really does not need to be.

During a financial crisis – It was no wonder that many estranged couples decided to stick it out during the last recession. Divorcing during a financial crisis leaves people with fewer options than in better times. For example, when unemployed spouses divorce, there may be issues surrounding the payment of spousal support. Likewise, when a property is underwater, there may be no proceeds to the sale of a home, even though the debt relief may be attractive.

Before a windfall is realized – If a divorce is commenced before the sale of a major asset (a business, for example) is sold, the party initiating the split may be missing out on significant increase in values that may be subject to division.

Since timing is everything, it may be worth talking to an attorney to learn about the best time divorce.

Source: “When’s the worst time to get a divorce?” Quentin Fottrell, May 24, 2014

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