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What abuse victims can do to get help

Domestic violence services provider Safe Nest says that 42 percent of all women in Nevada have experienced domestic abuse. When left unchecked, it could result in emotional or physical trauma. In some cases, victims of domestic abuse could be killed by their abuser. While homicides due to domestic violence fell in the state in 2013, the rate appears to be rising according to a representative for the group.

Organizations such as Safe Nest provide shelter, emergency protection orders and other resources that victims of domestic abuse may need. Many victims of abuse stay because they don’t always realize that they are being abused. The cycle of domestic abuse generally involves abuse occurring, the abuser apologizing and the victim forgiving the attacker. While the relationship may seem better after the apology, the abuse will likely continue.

Emotional abuse may be even harder to detect because the victim feels worthless and may not think that anyone would care if such abuse were reported. Victims of abuse have many places to turn if they have been subject to physical or mental abuse. In addition to groups such as Safe Nest, victims can report abuse to a spiritual adviser, a trusted friend or anyone else who will listen and help the victim get away from the abuser.

Those who have been abused by their spouse or partner may file for a restraining order as well as a child support order from the abuser with the help of a family law attorney. Although the abuser may be asked to provide child support, this does not mean that the abusive parent will be able to see or have contact with the child.

Source: KSNV, “Domestic violence continues to escalate in Nevada, but there is help”, Sandra Gonzalez, August 13, 2014

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