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What to avoid and what to embrace during a divorce

When anyone goes through a divorce, they are going to have a lot of questions — not just about what they are at risk of and what is at stake in their divorce, but also about what exactly they should be doing, legally or otherwise, during the divorce. What behaviors should they avoid? What documents do they need to supply or topics do they research? What important steps need to be taken to increase their chances of having a successful conclusion to their divorce?

Though every case is unique, there are some very basic things that apply in nearly every divorce. As such, there are some uniform answers that people need to know about if they are going through a divorce.

Let’s start with some of the things that you should do during a divorce. You should be cooperative and responsive during the divorce, and you should also truthfully disclose all of your assets, liabilities and property. You should definitely get a lawyer to help you understand your legal options, and to help you get a grasp on the many legal issues that can be in play during a divorce (child custody, property division, courtroom proceedings). And, if you do have a children, take care of them during the divorce.

Now, for the things you should avoid: don’t lie. If you lie, you make yourself liable during the divorce. Also, you shouldn’t make any “major life moves,” such as taking a new job, moving out of state, or moving in with a new partner. Don’t get angry during discussions and don’t violate any standing legal orders.

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