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When divorce involves domestic violence allegations

Domestic violence can involve a wide variety of relationships and people. It can happen between married parents, fathers and offspring, mothers and children, adult children and elderly parents, and in dating relationships.

Because October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, it’s an excellent time to make readers aware that a skilled, experienced Las Vegas family law attorney can help you protect your children and yourself if you face the threat of violence or have in the past had to contend with domestic violence.

Domestic violence incidents can be life-threatening events that unravel relationships and families, leaving victims — women, children, men — living in fear. According to the National Network to End Domestic Violence, many adults stay in abusive relationships because they cannot adequately provide for their children without the economic support of the abuser.

In other unfortunate situations, false accusations of domestic abuse or child abuse are hurled in the midst of divorce proceedings and child custody battles. A falsely accused parent can face not only legal problems, but career difficulties afterwards, as well as complications in family and personal relationships.

Perhaps the most important task assigned to a Nevada family law attorney is to protect the best interests of children involved in divorce and child custody matters. At Kainen Law Group, we listen carefully and act decisively to protect your kids and your parental rights as you make your way through a divorce or as you seek to modify a custody arrangement.

Our Las Vegas Child Custody Lawyers page has more information.

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