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When domestic violence allegations enter child custody disputes

Few issues in Nevada family law are more emotionally charged than a child custody case. And now it is presumed that the perpetrator of an act of an act of domestic violence cannot be a joint or primary physical custodian under Nevada law. So allegations of domestic violence made by one parent or spouse against another, or by both parents against each other, have to be taken a lot more seriously.

It is imperative that parents employ the steadying hand of an experienced family law attorney to guide a client through often contentious custody and domestic violence allegations.

Our goal is to pursue in negotiations, hearings, agreements and in court workable solutions in child custody disputes. We do that at our clients’ side while at all times working to protect the rights and best interests of your children.

In many child custody disputes, the parents have not only disagreements over primary custody and visitation schedules, but also over crucial financial matters such as child support. Untangling all of the strands of disagreement and then finding ways to weave together workable agreements that honor the client’s goals and protect the kids — that is what experienced family law attorneys do.

The process begins with a conversation to clarify your goals and needs in divorce and custody matters, as well as a discussion of your legal options.

Most divorcing parents would agree that stakes are never higher than in matters of child custody. Everyone understands that family living arrangements, relationships, finances and much more are about to change. With a knowledgeable divorce lawyer, you help to shape those changes.Â

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