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Your actions after divorce are very important

Inherent to the divorce equation is a bit of heartbreak and a bit of anger. No one will walk away from a completed divorce without a slight feeling of discomfort and resentment, and that’s perfectly natural. You may overwhelmingly happy at the same time, too — but that small bit of resentment will be there.

What is important to realize about getting a divorce is that in the aftermath, your actions still carry a lot of weight, especially if you have children. You want to be peaceful, calm and respectful to your former spouse, even after the divorce is finalized. Being angry and uncompromising with them can lead to further legal action, which can be costly and painful for you.

The thing is, holding a grudge against your ex-wife or ex-husband is the easy option, while also being the less constructive one. It takes effort and patience to develop a cordial relationship with your ex after a divorce, but it can be far more beneficial for you from a legal perspective by heading off potential litigation before it even begins.

Ultimately, this is something that requires both former spouses to accept in order to move forward amicably. If your ex simply won’t work with you, then that is out of your control. But even in that scenario, you can still move on without holding a grudge or being resentful about their decision.

Making the difficult choice to stay positive and cordial with your ex-wife or ex-husband can prove to be a great stepping stone for your post-divorce life.

Source: Huffington Post, “I Chose Positivity After Divorce And It Made All The Difference,” Bill Douglas, March 18, 2016

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