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Las Vegas Divorce Lawyer > Blog > Domestic Violence > 63-year-old man charged with murdering 47-year-old girlfriend

63-year-old man charged with murdering 47-year-old girlfriend

Domestic violence is a serious crime that is often goes unreported. In many instances, the abuse continues and can become increasingly more severe. This is only one of many reasons that domestic abuse should be reported.

While it’s not known if there were previous instances of domestic violence involving a couple in Las Vegas, Nevada, this instance ended in the death of a 47-year-old woman by her 63-year-old boyfriend.

According to authorities, the woman was found inside a home on Wildcat Brook Court. She had been shot one time. There were two men in the residence when the murder occurred, with one of the men reportedly being her boyfriend. The man was arrested and booked into the Las Vegas City Detention Center. His charge was murder with a deadly weapon. It has not been reported who the other man was in the residence.

It is a tragedy that so many victims of domestic violence are fatally wounded. Each year, approximately 4,000 women are killed by an intimate partner, with around 75 percent dying as they tried to leave. That equates to about three women killed each day. Women are predominately the victim in domestic violence cases, but in about 15 percent of all cases, a man is the victim.

On average, a woman will try to leave a relationship that is abusive even times before she permanently ends the relationship and leaves.

For those who suffer from domestic violence, leaving the relationship can be a difficult decision. It could be due to financial reasons, their religion, fear of retaliation or any of a number of other reasons. If you are a victim of domestic violence, report it. There are many services available to help you. The advice and guidance of an attorney can also prove beneficial if you are married or have children. He or she can help you obtain a restraining order to keep your abuser from contacting you.

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