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A fresh start in a new year

The holidays are over. The tinsel has been taken down, the presents unwrapped and the pine needles swept away. It’s even starting to become natural to write “2015” instead of “2014.” For many people, the transition from the holiday season back to regular life means it’s time to finally tackle the big item on their personal agenda. The one that was set aside so that they could enjoy festive celebrations with family and friends, but now feels more urgent than ever: divorce.

A recent article in Forbes notes that the first Monday of the new year is known as “Divorce Day” because so many people begin the legal process of permanently separating from their spouse after the calendar turns. The phenomenon can be tracked in high-asset divorces as well as in splits in which fewer assets are at stake, but emotions run just as high.

“For wealthy individuals trapped in unhappy marriages, resolving to divorce is a way to move toward a more fulfilling existence,” an attorney in a family law group told the publication.

December 31st marks not only the end of the calendar year, but for many businesses, the end of the fiscal year as well. Income, bonuses, charitable contributions and expenses all become on that day final figures that can be added and subtracted in calculations needed to divide property. Those calculations are invariably complex, often involving business ownership, real estate and prenuptial agreements.

For many, the first step into a new future is a conversation with a Clark County family law attorney experienced in high-asset divorce; someone who understands how to protect clients’ rights and interests in negotiations and at trial.

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