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Getting help with property division in a high asset divorce

A Las Vegas divorce can involve many complicated issues, including decisions about how assets of high value should be split up. Although Nevada is a community property state, specific assets may not need to be shared in a 50-50 manner as long as an equal value of the marital estate is assigned to each party. Local factors may figure prominently in the valuation of assets such as land or a home in light of real estate trends in the community. Effective legal representation may be important for ensuring that appropriate values are used.

Because community property is a significant issue, it is important to establish which assets are to be treated as marital holdings during the property division proceedings. Complicated assets such as retirement plans and stocks may require financial expertise as appropriate shares are determined for each party. Businesses can also raise challenges in a divorce, especially if both spouses have made significant contributions to the development and growth of a company. In some cases, it may be prudent to buy out the other party’s share in order to minimize post-divorce complications. Legal support may be helpful as you weigh the options and make decisions based on how your future may be affected in different scenarios.

Another significant issue to address during a high asset divorce is that of potentially hidden holdings. Commingling of separate holdings can also be important as a portion of otherwise separate assets might be subject to sharing in a divorce. Similarly, debt can impact the value of a marital estate, making careful attention to the post-divorce responsibility for debts an important concern.

Inclusion of financial experts on your legal team can be advantageous as such issues are identified and addressed during negotiations. Strong representation may be important for ensuring that your interests are effectively represented. You are invited to visit our asset division page for additional information.

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