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A prenuptial agreement provides important protections

When two people decide to marry, there are many matters to consider, plan and decide upon. While many engaged couples become engrossed in the wedding planning process, it’s also important to consider what comes after the wedding.

A prenuptial agreement is a legal contract that individuals who plan to marry can use to define ownership of and responsibilities for assets and debts. Many people wrongly believe that prenuptial agreements only serve to benefit the very wealthy. In reality, regardless of assets or age, every individual who plans to marry can benefit from the protections provided in a prenup.

2013 statistics from the U.S. Census Department show that the average age at which men and women in the U.S. marry has increased respectively to ages 29 and 27. Today, by the time many individuals tie the knot; they have worked for several years and have likely amassed some assets including a home and car.

In addition to assets, many college graduates also have debt. Today, according to the Institute for Collage Access & Success, approximately 70 percent of U.S. college graduates leave school with an average of nearly $28,500 in debt.

Individuals who plan to marry can not only protect the assets, like a home or car, that they bring to a marriage, but also guard against a betrothed’s debt. To ensure that the assets and debts accounted for in a prenup remain separate, it’s important to keep them in only one individual’s name.

Individuals in the Las Vegas area who plan to marry and want to learn more about the benefits of a prenuptial agreement, would be wise to seek legal advice and assistance.

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