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Sun setting on two-star marriage

You might remember a news story from about a year ago about Ben Affleck. He was in a Las Vegas casino playing blackjack when management approached him with allegations that the actor-director was counting cards. The star of the upcoming “Batman v Superman” was asked to leave.

Now Affleck is reliving the experience on a much bigger scale, as his wife, Jennifer Garner, is pointing him toward the door. The couple together more than a decade is getting a divorce. Garner wants the split because she is apparently tired of counting her husband’s infidelities.

Each has been wildly financially successful over the 10 years or so they have been together, according to news reports. She is apparently worth about $60 million, while he is estimated to be worth about $75 million.

That might make property division and possible spousal support and child support issues more manageable, but observers say the split is not an amicable one. No prenuptial agreement exists between the two, the article claims. So it’s anyone’s guess how painful the divorce might turn out to be in terms of finances.

The parents of three young children — the eldest is a girl, 9 years old, and the youngest is a boy, 3 — might find that the most difficult issues in divorce can be those involving custody and visitation. Even when a couple has substantial marital property and can agree on complicated asset division issues, child-related differences and disagreements can stop divorce negotiations in their tracks.

It’s one of the many reasons a divorcing parent with substantial financial assets does well to find a Clark County attorney proficient not only in resolving property division issues, but who also has the experience and skills needed to forge favorable child custody agreements in difficult circumstances.

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