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Are online divorce companies the way of the future?

In this age of tech companies and inventive startups, it was only a matter of time before divorce automation and streamlined family law services hit the app store, so to speak. A company called Wevorce is gaining steam as an online option for couples who are looking to divorce. The company asserts that they can help a couple get through the divorce in a more cost-effective manner while also saving them time in the process.

While it certainly sounds great, and though there is likely a kernel of truth to their business model and the application of the service, automated or streamlined services like this can’t possibly cover every detail or service needed by a wide range of couples and families that are looking for a divorce.

This is why a family law attorney is so vital during the divorce process. An experienced and knowledgeable attorney can help you with your specific and unique case. Things can change very rapidly over the course of a divorce or a family law case, and being able to react in a dynamic way to these changes is vital. Automated or streamlined divorce services may not be able to do this, or at least not be able to do this in a way that an actual person could.

Sometimes a solution that sounds too good to be true is exactly so. Companies like Wevorce may have a lot of good ideas, but that doesn’t mean their product is for everyone. Sometimes, people just need a legal representative to help them with their case.

Source: Gizmodo, “E-Divorce Startup Wants to Make Splitting Up Painless,” Katherine Trendacosta, Feb. 1, 2016

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