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On divorce, your name, and how to change it

An often overlooked aspect of divorce, you may have taken the last name of your husband or wife when you got married. If this happened, when you divorce you may want to switch your name back. The original name change may have been a complex matter to begin with. So many documents and forms of identification need to be updated and changed to reflect the name.

Unfortunately, that has to happen again. However, to request to change your name via your divorce, you need to ensure that such a request is in your divorce agreement. You can still make the change if this decree isn’t included in your divorce agreement, but it is just easier this way. If you have old documentation showing your birth name, then the change should be relatively simple. You could also try to get your divorce agreement changed to reflect your desire to change your name.

Some of the details of this type of change will vary from case to case and state to state. The cost and the procedure will be different here in Las Vegas than it will be in New York. As always, this means that it is imperative that you consult with an attorney to make sure you are going about the process in the proper manner.

Changing a name after a divorce can be a very important step for many people. Treating this concern seriously is critical, and if you are proactive and responsive to the legal process, you can achieve your name change.

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